Brooder Warmers/Heaters

Ksh 3,500.00 Ksh 2,500.00

Brooder Warmers/Heaters
No more mortality rate due to coldness!
Use our low cost innovation brooder warmers/heaters. They are economical and retain heat for long hours. We ship nationwide via EMS Speedpost in less than 24hrs. Cost is Ksh.2000 exclusive of shipping cost. Contact Joekev Chicks Kenya on: 0710147596/0725638589 now to place your order.

The package comes with:-
* A metallic stand for safety and durability.
* Well ventilated clay warmer for energy saving with constant burning.
* Top cover made of aluminum for distribution of enough warmth to your chicks.
* A clay lid for regulation of combustion to ensure burning for longer hours.


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